Seinfeld, 30 Years Later, Part 2: Hot Wizards With Many Functions, and Sweet Rides

Seinfeld, 30 years later: technology and vehicles

For the second part of this Seinfeld retrospective, I focus on the many technologies that were prevalent during its run, and vehicles of that time period. Three decades can change a lot in modern society: cell phones and the internet have largely transformed how we communicate, and a substantial number of vehicle brands and models have ceased production.

Technology has made society more mobile than it was at any other time in history, yet if you live in New York, good parking spaces are still elusive.

This three part series is organized by topic:

Part One: The Un-Branding, Dunkers & Dictators, and The Mom & Pop Stores

Part Two: Hot Wizards With Many Functions, and Sweet Rides

Part Three: Society Now!, and What Consumer, I’m The Consumer?!


Hot Wizards With Many Functions

Most of this section has been made obsolete by one thing: cell phones. If you want to watch TV, make a call, take photos or set an alarm, you have a “wizard with many functions” in your pocket that does it all.



Sweet Rides

Number of auto brands that fell out of existence since Seinfeld? Four. Number of times George borrowed a car? Five. Vehicles on this list that are still on the market? Zero.




Hot Wizards With Many Functions
Macintosh SE/30 – visual history
Landline usage decline
History of the iron lung
Last of the iron lungs
Iron lung fast facts
Polio description
What’s happening to all the CRT TV’s
CRT TV sales ceased by the mid-2000’s
Goodwill won’t accept CRT donations
Digital broadcasting begins in 2009
FCC digital broadcast converter requirements
Camcorder sales plummet
Sony retires analog camcorder
Sony retires cassette Walkman
Cassettes are .05% of all music sales by mid-2000’s
Demise of payphones
History of payphones
Evolution of hotel keys
Demise of the car key
Police explain why they don’t use chalk outlines
Homicide scenes are photographed
NY changes sirens sound
NY emergency vehicles siren sound changed
Vintage police cars siren sound
Answering machines became popular in the 80’s
Answering machines become ubiquitous
Voicemail usage decline
Film camera sales plummet
Camera sales comparison chart
Vinyl records are a niche market
End of vinyl record resurgence
Vinyl records outsell CDs
History of Polaroid
Instant-print cameras find a niche market
PowerBook Duo
PowerBook Duo Dock
Laptop docks are made obsolete
Super 8: the earliest home movies
Super 8 overtaken by other formats
Timeline of home video formats
Vinyl records are a minor fraction of music consumption
Alarm clock sales decimated by smart phones
Smartphones caused the decline of single-purpose devices
Car phones popularity rise in the 90’s
History of car phones
FCC no longer tracks cost of long distance calls
Power Mac 6100 specs
History of cassette tapes
History of music sales by format
End of VCR manufacturing
Consumer cameras driven to near-extinction
Twentieth Anniversary Mac history
Square monitors exit the market
Acer acquires Gateway
Brief history of Gateway
Smartphones kill off PDA’s
Smartphone market dwarfs PDA’s in 2006
PDA makers bolt for the exit
Mobile OS popularity by year
Cassette decks no longer available factory-installed
Evolution of car stereos

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