Design at the Intersection

Great design is a convergence of strong visuals and a compelling message.

All great marketing campaigns are memorable. Take these slogans for example: “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”, or “Let your fingers do the walking.” Neither are a hard sales pitch or even describe the product, yet the offer of an experience or benefit is indelible.

For those two campaigns, it’s not just a slogan that leaves an impression. The visual imprint of people singing on a hillside, or the “walking fingers” logo equally contribute to their success.

Since we’re evolved to consume optical information almost involuntarily, graphic design is paramount. It’s the vehicle that drives your message home: think wheels, not hubcaps.

Design is also more than graphic content. It is the interplay of images and words, or the convergence of a message’s contents with its method of delivery: this is what it means to “design at the intersection.”

If you have a project that needs a great visual component to compliment your marketing message, please feel free to contact me.