Seinfeld, 30 Years Later, Part 1: Un-Branding, Dunkers & Dictators, and Mom & Pop Stores

Seinfeld, 30 years later: brands, places and celebrities

Thirty years ago, Seinfeld’s pilot episode aired in a sleepy summer time slot. Considered so unremarkable, it nearly failed to become a series… an inauspicious beginning that contrasts interestingly to what is often acclaimed as the greatest sitcom in TV history, having cemented its legacy in nonstop syndicated rotation.

What is remarkable to me about Seinfeld is how incredibly quaint it looks now: products have changed, many of the vehicles aren’t made anymore, and modern norms of society are quite a bit different. Yet, it’s still endlessly quotable and hilarious.

This three part series reviews many aspects of society that have changed, evolved or ceased to exist since Seinfeld aired, and is organized by topic:

Part One: The Un-Branding, Dunkers & Dictators, and The Mom & Pop Stores

Part Two: Hot Wizards With Many Functions, and Sweet Rides

Part Three: Society Now!, and What Consumer, I’m The Consumer?!


The Un-Branding

Brands come and go, and products constantly need to adapt and refresh in order to survive. Almost every name brand product shown on Seinfeld has changed in one way or the other, if not having altogether exited the market. As consumers, we’ve kiboshed before… and we will kibosh again.



Dunkers & Dictators

Thirty years is a long time in terms of our narrow window of mortality, and many famous names who were part of an episode plot have moved on to the great velvet fog of the afterlife.



The Mom & Pop Stores

Life moves fast in New York City. While buildings – and even some businesses – may stand for many generations, none are impervious to changes in consumer habits, building codes and bloody noses. 




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